Veidekke Entreprenør AS

Veidekke Entreprenør AS


Korfmann fan-station
Ventiflex ducts


SIHCon AS delivered in september 2008 a fan-station in a container and in October 6 pcs. fans to Veidekke Entreprenør AS.

1 complete Korfmann axial fan type AL 16-13200,1700 mm, 132 kW, 400 volt built in a container with silencers on each side, inlet-nozzle with mounted protecting grating, connection-piece for 2000 mm duct and frequency- converter. The fan-station was secondhand, but overhalt and delivered with 24 months garanty.

6 pcs. Korfmann AL8-55, 800 mm, 5,5 kW and 400 volt.